Jackson and Yellowstone May 2019

I decided to take a quick trip to Jackson to see if I could see some early spring bears in the area. I am not an orator or an author but I really enjoy taking photographs. I would like to share with you some of the things I observed.

The snow was melting from the valley floor and there were very large herds of elk everywhere.

The road to the Antelope Flat area was just opened and the barns were getting busy. It is always nice to photograph the Tetons with impressive clouds around them.

Schwabacher’s Landing Road opened the second day I was there so I had to go see that marvelous reflected scenes. It is probably one of the most famous postcard scenes in the area.

I went up north to see some grizzly bears but there was nothing visible so I headed to Yellowstone. I always wanted to capture an image of Castle geyser and I happened to time it just right. I only had to wait 40 minutes.

After the geyer eruption I wanted to head to the tower area to look for black bears but the Dunraven Road was closed and I reluctantly had to go through the road construction. Just before the construction I viewed a grizzly with 3 cubs of the year. (COY) They were too far away to take any pictures. These yearling cubs and mother were seen in the Roosevelt area.

Right below the bears were this pair of ducks. Oftentimes we miss things while concentrating on others.

This bear was seen at the top of the hill in the tower area.

On the way back to Jackson I stopped by LeHardy rapids. I usually only seen one or two harlequin ducks but to my amazement there were twenty-seven. I could not believe my eyes.

I was driving around the lake and observed a pullout full of vehicles. I drove past and and had to turn around and go back. I am glad I did. This grizzly was feasting on bison remains in the river. He was a very big boy.(?)

This Blue Heron was along Moose Wilson road. It was intent on finding dinner.

I was finally able to see Blondie the grizzly in the northern part of Jackson. She had her two cubs with her. She was quite far from the road at first but I wasn’t in a hurry and after an hour or so she eventually made it closer to the road.

After enjoying my time with the bears I drove down the road and this nice bull elk was sauntering right by the road. It is amazing how they become so familiar to vehicles.

I very much enjoyed this spring trip and hope the one in June will be a lot of fun!