Yellowstone Spring 2019

This year we had quite an unusual trip to Yellowstone National Park. For over 35 years we have been staying at the Canyon campground and other campgrounds around the park. This year was no exception our reservations confirmed a year in advance. We arrived at the Canyon Campground by 2:00 p.m. We secured our campsite but as we went to pull our trailer into the site it was almost impossible to access it. It was a steep drop off, that did not bother me, but trying to make the turn next to the tight trees was nearly impossible. After about 1/2 to 3/4 hour of manipulating the truck and trailer around we finally exited the sight. We could not even open the door to the trailer at any point while in the site. It was NOT a pleasant experience maneuvering the truck through that campsite. There were at least 10 other open sites in the same loop we were assigned so we were not worried about switching sites. “We should have been worried.” Upon requesting a change of sites after explaining our problem we were told by the supervisor that it was too bad and they could not change sites. I asked if when I register for a campsite could I reserve a site? The answer was an emphatic NO. “You are assigned a site when you check in.” Calmly and with much restraint, I asked had all the other sites checked in the answer was no, but I had been assigned a site and there would be no changing sites.

To make matters worse they scanned my credit card for the remainder of the nights stay (5). I asked for a refund and they told me that the charge only went through upon check out. Since I had not checked out no charge was made. This is NOT TRUE. I have the instant message from my credit card company to prove the charge and no refund had been applied. The park service needs to inform their employees with the correct information about when the credit card charges are being hit to their accounts. SO we did not have a campsite and had been charged for 5 nights! :(

To make a long story short we ended up at Colter Bay Campground near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They were very pleasant and said if there was a problem with the site they would change us to another site without any problems.

Come on Yellowstone Park Services this is simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. After staying in your campgrounds over 100 times, where is your customer service!

We traveled to and from the park for 5 days not spending another penny in the park, not even for gas.

We were fortunate to view many animals and had a great time together. My advice is the least interaction you can have with the Yellowstone Park Service the better. This is sad because I have always found the rangers and park volunteers to be very patient and willing to let everyone enjoy the park.

Now to end my rant here are a few pictures of some of the animals and fauna we observed this year.

Thanks for looking!