Here are some fun images from this year. Click on the image to see it in a window by itself.

This brown phase of a black bear was located near Tower Falls area. He was a beautiful animal that was enjoying the new spring grass.

This osprey just stole a fish from a merganser. What a site to watch the entire interaction.

The mixed sow had two cubs one brown phase and one black. The name mixed came from her cubs, She is very protective and has charged several times resulting in ranger hazings. Sometimes I wonder how come people do the things they do?

The cubs were having a nap a it took quite a bit of patience for the to wake up.

The cubs were playing and working on becoming independent bears.

In GTNP it is always fun to see the moose. They have taken up residency around the Gro Ventre area.

This beautiful bull was viewed in GTNP. He is a magnificent animal.

The elk cows and calves were near the Jackson Lake Lodge.

This famous bear is taking on the name of Rosie ll. It is because she inhabits the area the old Rosie did. She is believed to be one of her offspring. This beautiful animal raised three cubs. She just kick them away this year which might mean new cubs next year. We'll see.

Finally a bluebird. After all these years of trying I finally was able to photograph a bluebird.

My wife did not believe they existed, well they do!

This beautiful sow and Cubs Of the Year (COY) were photographed half way between Roosevelt and Mammoth. They really put on a delightful show for many people.

These cubs were very playful and just enjoyed the day, sun, and time with each other and mom.

Beautiful Bison photographed in April near Roosevelt Lodge.

This sow and cub were photographed on the Gibbon River just north of the falls. She is believed to be the sow with the three cubs last year that lost two crossing the river last year.

The Burrowing Owl was found on the way to the campground. Notice the baby near the rock on the left.

The Meadow Larks were quite elusive this year but I manages to quickly snag a picture. They are beautiful birds.