This year while in Yellowstone and Grand Tetons we were able to see and photograph some images. I have decided that I need to branch out a bit and take a few more varied images instead of just large mammals. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed viewing them myself. As always click on the images to see them in a window by themselves and roll your mouse over the image to view details.

Beaver seen on the Yellowstone River.

This bear was seen near the Roosevelt corrals.

These bison were in Hayden Valley. We have decided if you see something interesting photograph it. In 30 sec. it will be gone.

This beautiful cow elk was located near the north entrance.

Compare this bull elk with the cow it is pictured next to. It is obvious that all of his energy is going toward antler production. His coat is a little ratty.

This mom and three cubs were the main attraction near Calcite Springs. They have since been moved to the Petrified Tree area.

This sow and cub was seen near Norris Geyser Basin. This is the Grizzly that had three cubs at one point this spring. She lost two of them but this one seems to be doing very well.

This large male grizzly was first spotted on the western edge of Hayden Valley and within a very short time managed to cross the road within 30 feet of our truck. It is always nice to have bear spray with you.

This wolf was photographed in Lamar Valley.

The three owlets were at Mammoth near the temporary visitor center. They have since fledged and are still around the area bothering their parents for a meal continually.

This young ram had a very nice perch east of the new Calcite Springs parking lot. He could overlook a very large area and did not look like he was intending to move anytime to soon.

This Gro Ventre moose is often a regular visitor to the campground in the summer