I love taking some HDR images of various items. I find it a very interesting challenge. Tell me what you think of these images.

The Grand Prismatic Spring is a very beautiful attraction of Yellowstone. The trail to get this photo is a little tuff to traverse. This is the third time I have made the trek. Each time I have climbed the mountain it has gotten worse. I guess that OK, it keeps many from getting the photo but it is hard on the ankles.

We went on the trail across from from Biscuit Basin and observed some of the bluest pools in the park.

This was the second pool on the trail.The trail is about 1.5 miles round trip.

The trail ends at Morning Glory Pool. The trail winds through a pine forested path which provides shade and makes it a very delightful experience.

The Grand Canyon of Yellowstone offers many different and beautiful views, try a few different ones.

The Lower Falls provides an amazing rainbow between 9:15 and 10:00 a.m. daily. Put this on your plans to see this remarkable site.

Undine falls always offers a beautiful view but especially on a cloudy day.

Often times we stop by Jackson Lodge to get a bite to eat, but this time the scenery was amazing we had to take this photo. If you look close you can see a moose and a grizzly bear.

The Jackson Lodge is always one of our favorite destinations and the view is always nice but today, WOW.

The beautiful Lamar Valley is home to many species including many herds of bison.