Winter Engagement Shoot

I don't usually do shoots in the winter but there is always an exception and this was a great experience. If you have a couple that is up for the cold and loves the outdoors then you all can have a real good time. We did. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I might have to rethink my time off months.


Jackson Hole September 2017

I had a great time this fall in the Tetons. Check back for all of the fun images and adventures the week had to offer. I hope you enjoy the fun time-lapse.

Grizzly in the north part of Grand Teton National Park.

Grizzly flooded in morning light.

This is an image near Jackson Hole, WY. The area is in the northern part of the park. It is one of my favorite hikes. As you can tell I have a lot of favorites. This hike is only about 1 1/2 miles but it is one of those that I still need a GPS to locate. This tree is said to be one of the oldest in the area and still stands watch over these majestic mountains.

It is nice when you find a new spot and get to enjoy its full beauty while waiting for the wind to ease so you can photograph the scene.

I was very surprised to see this nice mule deer. He was very calm and not nervous as he was feeding and then sat down for a rest.

Solar Eclipse

I decided to make a trip to Jackson, Wyoming and witness the solar eclipse first hand. I arose at 3:00 a.m. and left by 3:30. The road was quite empty and the drive was pleasant. I stopped in Soda Springs, Idaho to fill up with gas and continued on. The traffic was almost nonexistent. After arriving in Jackson at 7:00 a.m. The traffic was busy but moving. I took the truck route and moved through the heart of Jackson quickly, until I reached the elk feeding grounds north of the city. This is where I came to a stop. After 1/2 hour to travel just up the hill north of Jackson I made it to the Gro Ventre junction. I had planned to take the Gro Ventre road because the park service had mowed the north side of that road and planned for many people to view the eclipse from this location. When I reached the junction the police officer waved me on. I could tell there was no room on that road. I decided to go up the Antelope Flat side of that road. As I passed Moose Junction the thought crossed my mind of a very large pull out at the top of the hill next to a sage brush flat in Grand Teton National Park. I quickly turned around and headed for the park. The Grand Teton National Park was letting everyone in for free that day and as a result I did not even need to use my pass. I quickly pulled in to the turnout and took one of the last parking spots, prepared my camera equipment and relaxed for a few hours. At 10:15 the eclipse started.

A composite of some of the image I took

The most interesting things about the eclipse was of course the darkness and the eclipse itself. The coolness of air temperature startled me I wasn't expecting such a drastic change. The temperature change started as soon as the moon started to cross the suns path.  The answer to the question did the birds stop flying is, yes. There were many bluebirds flying around before the eclipse and after but during the few minutes of near and total eclipse, no flying birds. 

All in all, it was a great trip with only an extra hour added to the return trip and a fascinating  experience. One that I am sure I will never experience again.

We have had many fires in the west lately and as a result the moon turned this beautiful red color. I could not turn the opportunity down to photograph this rare event.

Jackson July

We had a few days and decided to make a quick trip to Jackson. We have always camped in the GroVentre Campground without any troubles because "we never fill" we were told, as a result we didn't hurray to leave that day. As you can guess it when we arrived the campground was full so after checking on every campground in the area we decided to head back down the canyon. 

I pulled into the KOA and they didn't ave any spots as well but they knew of one spot in a private area and we were able to stay there for the night. The next day we were able to get a camp site and have a real nice weekend.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I was able to take.

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Every year we take some time and go to Yellowstone. We always have a great time. I made a little slide show of the things we saw this year. You can click through the images to see the things we were able to enjoy. I hope you enjoy our experiences.


We had the opprotunity to spend a couple of weeks in Alaska. Over the next few weeks I'll add some pictures a commentary to this post so please check back often.

We were able to see many glaciers break off and experience "calving." This was a fascinating experience.

The sun was breaking through the clouds and it was just beautiful.

The first day at sea we traveled along the coast and passed many small islands. They are all heavily wooded and most are occupied by just a single home or maybe a few homes. It was a fascinating experience to view these amazing places.

Ketchikan is one of the rainiest places on Earth. It rains over 300 days a year and they have had over 200 inches of rain in one year. We were asked if it rained the day we were there, yes of course. It did not last the entire day.

One of my favorite towns in Alaska was Ketchikan. This is a cute image of a quaint town. There were abundant eagles around Ketchikan, the number of eagles reminded me of the number of robins we have in northern Utah. I would perfer the eagles.

In Ketchikan there are many float planes that travel to various locations. Mystic Fiords is one of the areas to go and visit. We experienced the zip lines,very fun and worth the time. We saw a black bear, caribou, and of course eagles while zip-lining.

This is on the way to Alaskas capital, Juneau.

In Alaska the tide can range twenty-two feet from high tide to low tide. 

The largest employer in Juneau is the government. The next largest is the fishing and touristindustries. 

In Juneau we went on a whale watching and glacier tour.

We definitely saw many whales.

I had a great desire to see a whale tail and the captain made certain that I was able to see a couple.

On this beautiful island there are more brown bears (grizzly ) per square mile than any place on Earth. You can camp on the island but it is not advisable. There is a light house you can see pictured but it is unmanned. 

Mendenhall Glacier is probably one of the most famous glaciers and you can walk to within 300 yards of the face of the glacier. 

There is also a beautiful falls right next to the glacier and it is as big as it looks. Perhaps one of the big attractions in Juneau is Tracy's King Crab Shack. You must spend your money and have some of their monster delicious king crab. It is a must.

In Skagway Alaska we went for a hike to Dewey Lake it was a strenous 7 mile hike but the next few images are from there.

Dewey Lake


The largest wild raspberry plants I have ever seen. They are bigger than a large dinner plate, amazing.

The views going to the glaciers are nothing more than amazing.

There were 1000"s of these birds on the cliffs surrounding the glaciers.

I have so many images of the glaciers it is hard to choose one to place here. 

The glaciers in Glacier National Park are just beautiful and the surrounding areas just take your breath away.

This was the largest glacier it rose 23 stories and was so long I could not get it all in even in a panorama. They are just amazing sites to behold.

The most iconic scene in Denali National Park. "The Mountain" as it is known happened to be visible the day we were there. It is said that only 30% of the visitors are able to view this magnificent mountain. We were lucky.

We were also able to view this "Brown Bear" grizzly. She was an impressive animal.

One of the beautiful valleys about 45 miles from the entrance of Denali National Park. The scenery is so stunning it is hard to capture in one frame so I took many panoramas. 

There are only two rest stops on the eight hour bus tour of Denali National Park. This image is from the second one. You can drive a passenger car only fifteen miles into the park and then the trip must end. If you want to continue on, you will need to arrange a tour with the park service on one of their buses. I suggest you do this months in advance (8-10). I suggest you leave as early in the day as possible 6:30 the tours start. We left at 6:45 and it was good. We were able to see nine grizzlies, moose, caribou, dall sheep, ground squirrels, rabbits, golden eagles and I am sure I am missing some. Remember in Alaska the sun sets around 12:15 a.m., that doesn't mean it goes down, and rises at 3:30 a.m. in the summer. The tours go on all day and well into the evening. As always, animals seem to be more active in the morning.

This is "The mountain" as the guides and the semi locals call it. The largest peak on the North American continent and a very magestic site to view. We were very fortunate to be able to view the mountain. The south peak is taller than the north. This picture was taken at around mile 62 of the 92 mile road. The only other great view of the mountain is at Wonder Lake at the end of the road. You can only arrive there by a special "green" bus. No narration is provided on this bus. This bus will drive the road and drop people off at various stops. It is a 14 hour round trip ride to go to Wonder Lake and back to the Visitor Center.

February 25, 2017

I had the opprotunity to work with a beautiful young lady I hope you enjoy the images. Click on the image to see it in a window by itself. These images were taken in Salt Lake City, Utah.

August 10, 2016

We were fortunate to make an early trip to Yellowstone this year. I thought I would like to detail some of our fortunate encounters. Here is a fun photo to get us started.

I have been Waiting a long time to catch a picture of bison swimming across the Yellowstone River. YEAH!

July 21, 2016

I attended the local firework show and enjoy it very much. I took a few photos. I hope you enjoy the slideshow. Click on the images to go through the slideshow.