Zion National Park

We took the time to visit Zion National Park. It is always a pleasure to get up very, very early and make the drive to the park and catch the first bus. The early morning light makes the rocks glow. This time we did not take the Angel’s Landing hike or walk the Subway but we did experience some other beautiful vistas.

Behind the administration building at first light the canyon walls just light up. If you wait long enough you can even see the archer.

Later during the day we visited the bridge over the river. It is best photographed in the evening.

The next morning we photographed another walk wall. It was very windy and would have been a lot better with clouds but look at that rock amphitheater.

One of the famous views is the Canyon Overlook. It is best to wait until the sun has illuminated the entire canyon. It helps with the shadows.

We had crystal blue skies for our days at Zion’s. A few clouds would have been great, oh well. It is a very beautiful, breathtaking place.

There are so many things to photograph that you can only do a few in one visit. Remember to have patience because there will always be crowds. Make a few good images, take a few fun hikes, get a lot dirty, and breathe that fresh mountain air. You can always take another visit to the canyon to photograph what you missed. Have fun, we did!