Portland Oregon Area and Redwoods

We had the opportunity to visit the Portland area for business and so we decided to take in a few sights. In the Portland area waterfalls seemed to be our focus, so we visited Silver Falls state park. Silver Falls has 10 main falls that are on designated, well maintained trails. Coming from a desert area like Utah, this fern laden, moss draped, treed area was beautiful.

After the visit to Silver Falls we meandered our way to the coast to see the Redwoods in northern California. This has always been on my to do list, I was glad we were this close. The redwoods are fascinating. There immense size, rough, thick bark, delicate needles offer quite a contrast. This forest will provide beauty and hidden treasures to everyone who visits. Make sure to notice the picture of the redwood ladder up in the tree, it was up at least 75-100 feet.

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