Jackson May

I had the opportunity to do some work in Jackson so I took the time to visit GTNP. What an experience. There are always many varied things to see and do.

It is always a treat to see Blondie and her cubs. They were peacefully eating and enjoying the evening.

Early in the morning the beautiful pink glow lit up the mountain only briefly.


Just a moment a two later the glow is gone and you still have a remarkable image.

I attempted my first Milky Way photo. 

You can never go wrong with a picture Schwabacher's Landing.

There are so many beautiful reflective areas along the Schwabacher area.

The beautiful Golden Eye were very active at the Landing.

I have always wanted to photograph the Canadian ducklings.

Now the classic image with a couple of Canadian Geese on take off.

In the Jackson Information area the wetlands area provided many opportunities to view many varieties of birds.

This family was very cooperative.

I totally enjoyed my time there.

GTNP is always on of my favorite places.

There was a very young black bear that must have been kicked away by him mother. He sure looked tiny up on that big hill.

This bear had a cub with her. I think she is giving that don't mess with me look.