Moab Utah Area

I had the opportunity to go to the Moab are to do some photography work so after I finished I spent a couple of days looking again at the amazing rock and valley formations. Sunrise and sunset are the ideal times to do photography. However, during the late fall you can make photographs almost anytime of day.

Delicate Arch in the evening.

I wanted to try for a sun star at Delicate Arch. After I finished my work for the day it was 4:30 that meant I only had about 1.5 hour to get to Arches and make the hour long hike up the steep ascent to the arch. As you can see I made it with minutes to spare. This was my first set of shots. Lucky!

Turret Arch through the North Window in the windows section of Arches National Park

I had seen a picture of turret arch through the north window of the window section of the park. I made a quick recognisence trip to find the spot to scramble to in the dark for a sunrise shot. On this morning I left my motel room at 4:00 a.m. and made it to the spot with plenty of time to spare. I was joined a few minutes later by a young man from Bulgaria who is now living in Sweden. We had a delightful time discussing photography and his world travels.

Pine Tree Arch

One of my favorite arches in Arches National Park is Pine Tree Arch. This photograph was made in the middle of the day. I was bracketing my exposures when some older couples came up. I had one more set of images to take. One couple politely waited by my side but not the other. The gentleman ran to the center of the arch and played around on it for several minutes. I was able to finish my shot, just a suggestion. Please be aware of others around you when exploring fun new places, above all have patience.

Mesa Arch sunrise.

Mesa Arch full sun star.

Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park is always a must see. It is 1 hour drive from Moab and past what I call the wiggles section of the road in the park. If you have been there you will know what I mean. I have photographed the arch before and I know of the problems (people, temperature and wind) associated with attempting to take this picture. You are never alone and there is always a photography tour there. I left my hotel room at 3:40 and arrived at the arch at 4:50. I was the 6th person there. A photo tour and 1 other person arrived before I did. Sunrise was not until 6:56. This day there was so much wind that a tripod and camera had already blown over and a lens was ruined. (very expensive lesson) I anchored my tripod with my photo bag, it is heavy. I was lucky!

Courthouse Towers - The three gossips and Sheep Rock.

I wanted to photograph these three structures. The three gossips, left; Sheep rock, center; the tower of Babel on the right. This evening I was lucky to have just a few clouds to help accent the scene.

This is the courthouse.

After photographing the three distinctive shape rock formations I turned my camera around to photograph the majestic Courthouse. It is impossible to take in the scale of these massive mono lifts.

A view toward the window section of Arches National Park.

There is always a surprise image and this one just struck me as strikingly beautiful as I was leaving Arches one evening. The sky was pink and it made the scenery light up. Thanks for taking the time to share in my adventure.