Solar Eclipse

I decided to make a trip to Jackson, Wyoming and witness the solar eclipse first hand. I arose at 3:00 a.m. and left by 3:30. The road was quite empty and the drive was pleasant. I stopped in Soda Springs, Idaho to fill up with gas and continued on. The traffic was almost nonexistent. After arriving in Jackson at 7:00 a.m. The traffic was busy but moving. I took the truck route and moved through the heart of Jackson quickly, until I reached the elk feeding grounds north of the city. This is where I came to a stop. After 1/2 hour to travel just up the hill north of Jackson I made it to the Gro Ventre junction. I had planned to take the Gro Ventre road because the park service had mowed the north side of that road and planned for many people to view the eclipse from this location. When I reached the junction the police officer waved me on. I could tell there was no room on that road. I decided to go up the Antelope Flat side of that road. As I passed Moose Junction the thought crossed my mind of a very large pull out at the top of the hill next to a sage brush flat in Grand Teton National Park. I quickly turned around and headed for the park. The Grand Teton National Park was letting everyone in for free that day and as a result I did not even need to use my pass. I quickly pulled in to the turnout and took one of the last parking spots, prepared my camera equipment and relaxed for a few hours. At 10:15 the eclipse started.

A composite of some of the image I took

The most interesting things about the eclipse was of course the darkness and the eclipse itself. The coolness of air temperature startled me I wasn't expecting such a drastic change. The temperature change started as soon as the moon started to cross the suns path.  The answer to the question did the birds stop flying is, yes. There were many bluebirds flying around before the eclipse and after but during the few minutes of near and total eclipse, no flying birds. 

All in all, it was a great trip with only an extra hour added to the return trip and a fascinating  experience. One that I am sure I will never experience again.

We have had many fires in the west lately and as a result the moon turned this beautiful red color. I could not turn the opportunity down to photograph this rare event.