May 26, 2015

You can not go to the YNP without the iconic image of Old Faithful. This time I was tested as to weither I would get this shot or not. I was there 30 mins. or so early from the expected erruption time and since I was being very lazy decided the crowd was not very large so I could capture the image with my large lens. I positioned myself and waited, the 30 minutes went and still no eruption and no one disturbed my view. As Old Faithful typically does the first small flume of water came and I new within 5 minutes the main eruption would occur. At this instance an entire bus load of "tourist" arrived and walked right down the walk way I was standing on. My shot was gone and the iconic Yellowstone geyser was erupting, what should I do? Cusing was out because they would not understand even one of the choice words that were flowing through my mind so some careful manuevering and many quick shots resulted in one keeper, thats enough! 

The lucky Old Faithful shot.