Antelope Island

I had the opportunity to visit Antelope Island. It is a state park here in Utah. I had a some business to do but then I took some time to photograph some amazing birds and bison.

I have never had the opportunity to see a Burrowing Owl.

This Burrowing Owl surprised me very much. I had to spend quite a bit of time with her. Some might wonder how I might sumise it was a female. Well ....... 

It is possible that it is a male but it was extremely attentive. Sometimes males aren't quite that watchful.

I really wanted to photograph a Meadowlark. They were really giving me fits. I would find one, just as I would slow the car down they would take off until finally I was successful.

They are beautiful little birds.

I was also able to photograph another bird, I am not sure of its name. Any suggestions?

I am thinking a yellow headed blackbird. What do you think?

Antelope Island is very famous for their Bison herd. They are just coming out of winter and they look a little thin. The grass is greening just give them a little time and they'll put on some much needed weight.