Jackson in August

I had an opprotunity to spend a few days in Jackson Hole, Wy. It rained just about the entire time. I was able to take a few iconic pictures. I hope you enjoy these and will return again in September for another engagement. Just click on the photos to see them in a window of there own. Hover the mouse over for a description. 

The Old Patriarch Tree is an icon in GTNP. The clouds kind of parted and I was able to sneak this photo.

This bull moose was near the campground. I had to wait about 45 minutes for him to have a rest before he stood up.

He was very cooperative. When you get the evil eye then it is time to move away and so I did.

When there is constant rain I looked for something to photograph. Look at this beautiful thistle.

I was fortunate to have just a few minutes to grab this photo. Everyone who goes there must have this photo but I like to try a few different things.