July 4, 2014

The fourth of July is a day for celebration of parades, picnics, water fights and of course fireworks. We had the good fortune of watching two separate firework shows this year. The first was on the third of July in Logan, Utah. Here are a few of the images taken from that night. As always remember to click on the image to see the entire image in a window of its own.

Logan Fireworks 1

Logan Fireworks 2

Logan Fireworks 3

Logan Fireworks 4

After this splendid show and a very late evening we had the opportunity to go to Plain City to participate in the festivities there. The trout scramble, bouncy houses, and super slides were a big hit with the family. The delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, and salads provided a great meal. The hit had to be the Ceamies. Try and pry one of those out of the hands of a year old who has just discovered chocolate. It is not going to happen. The ensuing water fight was the hit of the day. The day ended with another fun firework show, this time at Hyrum, Utah.

Hyrum Fireworks !

Hyrum Fireworks 2

Hyrum Fireworks 3

Hyrum Fireworks 4

Hyrum Fireworks 5

Hyrum Fireworks 6

Hyrum Fireworks 7

I hope you enjoyed our little fourth adventure and the images. Thanks for looking.