July 24, 2014

The flowers were just beautiful at this time of the year.

We had the opportunity to visit Hebden Lake and Yellowstone Park again for a couple of days with our daughter and her family and thought we could share a couple of images. ( Please click on the image to see it in its own window.)

This small yellow flower was gracing the scenery very delicately.

I don't know the names of the flowers the summer has provided. I will try and find out the names of these beautiful flowers.

This very delicate flower nearly was missed but those tiny purple petals just lured me to take their picture.

I believe this is an Amica, a beautiful forest flower.

This amazing plant reminds me of tiny elephant heads. Can you see them?

This delicate purple star flower was the first flower image I took. Isn't it amazing!

We did see other things besides beautiful flowers. The mammals and birds looked great this time of year.

These antelope were found in the amazing Lamar Valley.

The Lamar Valley is a wonder and a large variety of flora and fauna are found in this beautiful mountain valley.

This elk is found in our favorite mountain valley, "Hayden." He has sure changed since I photographed him in the spring. Check below to see the difference.

I decided to try an image in oil. Let me know what you think.

It is amazing to view the grizzly in the open.

We had the opportunity to view a young grizzly at the south end of Hayden Valley. The valley was very foggy but that just made for some beautiful pictures.

An amazing eagle.

He was searching for some ground hogs.

He found a couple while I was watching.

He really had the dirt flying when he dug up the gofers. He would occasionally look up. It was a fun few minutes.

A group of pelicans provided some interesting scenes and then the sun came out and everything changed. WOW super fun.

A morning along the Madison River.

The haze gave the pelicans an eery glow.

This crane was there the couple of days we were there. I just had to document his magnificent stature. Isn't he magnificent.

This area is magical for us we have visited the area for 38 years in a row for several times a year. One of the reasons we keep coming back are the sunsets.

Always keeps us coming back!