2013 Black Bear

This year we had a great trip to Yellowstone National Park. We spent one relaxing week driving around the park looking for bears and elk. We we very lucky and saw 26 different black and grizzly bears. When looking for bears the best way to see them is to keep moving. There are some areas that are more apt to hold bears than others. In the early spring Fishing Bridge to the Lake Butte Overlook, also around the Lake Corrals to Lake Hotel. The Tower area holds black bears but remember they are not very early risers. The Hayden Valley will always have grizzly bears usually early in the morning or evening but I have seen them there throughout the day. Just stop and have a look with your binoculars. The Lamar Valley will have grizzly and black bears but usually are a long ways away. I have never had a real good photo opportunity there. Many people have some amazing photos from this valley. They are a lot luckier than me. We have seen a few bears from Roosevelt to Mammoth like the one pictured below. Very early in the spring grizzly’s are seen by Twin Lakes on the West side of the Park.

This year we were able to view this bear for over an hour as he was sleeping on a log. He then walked down the hill and I was able to capture this photo. He was a very cooperative bear.