Bighorns of Miller Butte.

I had the opportunity to visit Jackson Hole Wy. this past week. The first Big Horn sheep finally arrived.

This was one of the first rams I found.

These two rams were the first ones in the group.

The sheep that were there this day gave my car what was called a "Wyoming car wash." They licked the side of the car getting the salt from the road. It is quite an experience having them that close.

The interaction between the rams are very entertaining this time of year.

One intriguing thing about these animals are there eyes. They are just beautiful.

It is to early for the head butting to begin. There was just a little pushing going on today.

There was a larger group of sheep on top of the bluff but they did not come down at this time. 

These two rams kept things lively.

A little herding was taking place.

It was a treat to be able to spend some time with these magnificent animals.

All of a sudden the two rams took off and ran up the hill. Two new rams suddenly appeared and they had to be checked out.