Jackson Hole Wy., in the Fall.

I decided to take a drive and ended up in Jackson Hole Wy. This is one of my favorite places. I wanted to try light painting and couldn't think of a better subject than the barns on Morman Row.   This was a new experience for me, the first night was an education . The second night I ended up with a couple of good images.

This barn  had some TLC by some very nice people. They did a great job on restoring the fences and making repairs on the barn. A great big thanks goes out to all those who spent there time and efforts working on this project.

This famous barn always attracts a crowd. This night I was the only one there. It is a rarity because the evening before there were others. It is a beautiful place.

The north barn in the daylight. I had to wait three days to get this shot. It was a stormy week that I choose to be there. The wait was worth it.

This badger has made its home around the barn. It was quite a surprise to spot him wandering around.

I wanted to photograph the famous Oxbow Bend and I tried for three mornings to get an image with still water and a perfect reflection. I did not get that. I was also a week late to catch the peak folage for the year but I did get a pretty nice picture this one morning. 

As we (many photographers) were waiting for sunrise we were surprised with a beautiful pink glow for about 5 minutes. I'll take that any day.

Schwabachers Landing was also on my destination list since it was closed last year. I headed there, as I looked over the bluff I was amazed at the mass of cars at the parking lot. Something was going on other than the standard landscape shot.

This bull was drawing quite a crowd.

A beautiful bull moose was there along with a cow and a calf. That explains the large number of cars. He really was a magnificent animal.

The cow moose was at a magical photo location. What a great place to spend a morning.

The entire area is absolutely beautiful and this day the reflections were amazing.

The famous Schwabachers Landing has a few grass clumps this fall. It is a little different from the image on my main page.

Another image I wanted to take was the Patriarch Tree. It is located near the String Lake Parking Area. It took three hikes to the tree to finally get the image that I called the "keeper image." I have no idea how old the tree is but it is one of the oldest around.

The tree stands very majestic against the powerful Tetons.