This is your Moment. Now is the Time to Remember!

I believe that great photography and videography is about creating a connection between artist and the individuals by visually communicating such understanding through a beautiful visual image. No matter what tools an artist uses, in the end its all about whether the artist can create the final perfect image. And that’s what is important to me.

Today there are more photographers than ever to choose from when people need to document an event. For this reason, I always encourage people to meet with me. If they are unable to come to my location, I am happy to go to theirs. There is something very exciting that comes from sitting down together in a relaxed atmosphere and designing how the want there event to appear digitally.

This is a process that involves planning and collaboration so that all the elements of color, light, location, mood and theme can come together in a way that tells the story of the individuals. Through a unique use of camera angles and delicate placement of light, powerful and vibrant photographs and video capture these attributes. We strive to create a fun and spontaneous collection of images and video that convey each moment, and every detail in an artistic and personalized manner.

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Wedding sessions also allows us to create images that truly tell the couple’s story. We take images in a series – they fit together and inform the couple about the emotions, the venue, and the guests, that took part in this special event. As you look at your images a month, six months, or even years, after your wedding and see things you had forgotten about or didn’t know had occurred, and find yourself smiling and reflecting on one of the best days of your life, then we have succeeded.

I look forward to meeting and working with people who want their digital records to be more than just a record of a place in time. I look forward to working with individuals who truly want to create something beautiful and unique representing who they really are.

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